Le DONJON de COUCY, pour une Europe pacifiée, fière de son passé, ambitieuse pour ses enfants
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_____________The United States find identity in the Statue of Liberty.________ Why don't help to give Europa a symbol of unity ? ________

The Donjon de Coucy is now for ever tied with Barbara.W Tuchmann, whose prodigious masterpiece is well known overseas. Behind the cover of the book, stand the mirror of our civilization and of all the treacheries, cowardness, fears and forgiveness of times passing by. Our " association " is deeply grateful to Barbara W. Tuchmann for her contribution to its cause ! Coucy has to be rebuild, it's a barbara's will !
Please contact us through: louis.tremolieres@wanadoo.fr

The last page . Nothing is ended. History is turning on !